Da Tay A Island of Vietnam

PANO - Truong Sa 21 Ship under the Brigade 125, the precursor of unnumbered ships on September 19th started it’s voyage to transport the first 1,000 tons of stones and other building materials of the estimated required 10,000, to build a community house in Da Tay Island, part of Truong Sa Archipelago.

The community house is part of the program “Let’s build Truong Sa”, launched by the HCMC Youth Newspaper in mid-May, 2011. After 4 months of operating, the program has raised more than VND 18 billion.

The communal house construction also contributes to the protection of the national sovereignty. It is also a place to provide clean water and medicine for fishermen.

The project is expected to complete early next year.

Translated by Nguyen Thao