On August 19, 1945, the Vietnamese people rose up in a general uprising to eliminate feudalism and colonialism and open a new era of national development.

Their victory was the result of a prolonged struggle full of hardships under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

Vietnam’s achievements after independence

In two national wars of resistance against foreign invaders and more than 30 years of the renewal, Vietnam recorded momentous achievements in all areas.

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The political system and national unity bloc have been strengthened, the social order and security safeguarded, and people’s living standards improved. Democracy, society, and culture have progressed.

Vietnam has established diplomatic ties with more than 180 countries all over the world and joined every important regional or global organization or institution. Vietnam with its rising prestige has proved itself a responsible member of the international community.

More than anyone else, the Vietnamese people understand how much the August Revolution meant to national destiny. The August Revolution capitalized on the strength of the nation and national solidarity and was a vivid manifestation of patriotism, nationalism, and the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

Nobody can deny the Party’s role in making Vietnam what it is now. To honor the August Revolution means to honor Vietnam’s achievements, the sacrifices of generations of Vietnamese, and the reliable leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Unchangeable patriotism and solidarity

Genuine patriots know that any recent attempt to stage protest demonstrations on National Day bring no good to the country, only deceit and provocation, which hinder national development and are a bad reflection on Vietnam, a peaceful, friendly, and safe country.

Such bad intentions will surely fail because of national unity, vigilance, and experience in dealing with sabotage schemes.

The Vietnamese authorities and people will foil all plots to incite anti-government demonstrations. Stern measures will be taken to ensure that National Day celebrations are peaceful and jubilant. 

Source: VOV5