In his thought, the invincible strength of the Party results from the sense of discipline and organizational responsibility of Party members.

Discipline must be strictly implemented in a top-down manner

Overview of the 12th plenum of the 12th Central Committee of Vietnam's Communist Party (Photo: VNA)

According to President Ho Chi Minh, Party discipline must be strict and clear-cut, ensuring equality and helping build solidarity and unity in the Party so that all policies of the Party can be carried out successfully. He stressed that the discipline of the Party must be strictly observed from the central level to the grassroots level.

For times, he affirmed that Party discipline is the iron one, based on strictness and self-awareness. Discipline must result in the unity of both thoughts and actions and take root from the iron will of the Party while promoting democracy and creativeness among Party members and Party organizations.

Party discipline not only requires self-awareness but also is binding on all Party members. The higher self-awareness is, the less binding discipline is. President Ho Chi Minh once stressed, “For all of the policies of the Party to be implemented, discipline must be observed. The discipline of the Party is observed on a voluntary basis and based on self-awareness; therefore, it must be strict and all Party members must follow. If we do not seriously observe discipline, the strength of the Party will wear out, making it difficult for tasks to be performed well.”

He required that Party members at higher positions must hold more responsibility and accountability and serve as examples for others to follow. If those cadres violate the Party discipline, they must be severely punished without excuses.

In order for the Party discipline to be closely observed with self-awareness, President Ho Chi Minh always emphasized democracy within the Party. Democracy and discipline always go together. In his testament, apart from discipline, the late President wanted the Party members to exercise democracy widely within the Party and regularly practice criticism and self-criticism to strengthen solidarity and unity of the Party.

Strengthening discipline observance and strictly dealing with all violations

In its course of establishment and development, the Communist Party of Vietnam has always paid special attention to discipline. Especially, during the 12th tenure of the Party Central Committee, the inspection of Party discipline observance has been implemented intensively. In the spirit of “no restricted areas,” there have been high-ranking officials, including military and police generals, punished for their violations, drawing the attention of the people.

Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong once said, “We are humane and mutual-assisting with each other. It is not interesting at all to discipline our comrades. In fact, we are sorry we have to do that. However, for the sake of progress and for the prevention of violations, we must punish them. We punish a number of cadres to save much more people.”

Strengthening Party discipline observance is now both urgent and of long-term significance. Only strict observance of discipline can ensure that the Party’s guidelines, policies, resolutions, directives, and principles are strictly implemented. Only strict observance of discipline can improve leadership capabilities and combat strength of the Party.

Observing the Party discipline in line with President Ho Chi Minh’s thought requires each official and Party member to voluntarily abide by the Party discipline, promote their exemplary roles and implement the platform, guideline, policies, resolutions, Party statutes, State law… At the same time, Party members are required to focus on upholding their revolutionary ethics, fighting individualism and wrongdoings…

One of the principles of the Party is to strictly manage its cadres and members in both words and deeds. Cadres and members at any levels must train themselves strictly and fully participate in Party activities in line with the Party discipline and State law. All actions violating organizational regulations, Party discipline, instructions and resolutions… must be strictly handled.

Translated by Huu Duong