The close connection among the Youth Union organizations has contributed to the success of local socio-economic development.

Right from early morning, a lot of volunteers already gathered at a hill in Si Lo Lau commune, Phong Tho district (Lai Chau province) to plant trees. Thung Thi Tam, Deputy Secretary of Phong Tho District’s Youth Union, was in the middle of volunteers.

Youth Union cadres and members plant trees on the banks of the Nam Na River, Phong Tho townlet.

“Despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Standing Board of Phong Tho District Youth Union Organization has still focused on directing and organizing activities as part of the Youth Month 2022 as well as raising people’s and children’s awareness of environmental protection. More than 2,000 trees have been planted,” Thung Thi Tam said while pointing to the opposite hillside where people were digging holes and transporting young trees to the planting locations.

Secretary of the Youth Union Organization of Si Lo Lau commune Chang Ty Po, who wore sandals and rolled his pants up above his knees, was carefully shoveling soil into a newly planted peach tree. “We distribute the work equally regardless of Youth Union cadres, members or young people. This not only improves personal responsibility but also gives opportunities for everyone to contribute,” he said.

Along the road to Ta Chai village of Si Lo Lau commune, local leaders, Youth Union cadres and members of Si Lo Lau Border Post planted wild peach trees on the two roadsides.

The Youth Union members said local people’s awareness of border sovereignty has improved significantly thanks to the planting activities, which has not only helped educate and improve youths’ responsibility in protecting the border sovereignty, but also empowered them in national defense and security.

These activities also promote the solidarity and volunteering spirit of Youth Union members, contributing to poverty reduction, maintaining sustainability and social security in the area.

Youth Union cadres and members take part in the “March in border areas” program.

Phong Tho district’s Youth Union Organization has effectively implemented youth volunteer movements to protect the environment and deal with climate change in recent years. Youth Union organizations at all levels from 17 communes and townlets have joined such programs as “Voluntary Saturdays for building new-style rural areas” and “Green Sundays 2022” featuring activities like cleaning villages, dredging drains, cutting bushes and repairing roads.

They have also held nearly 40 sessions with the participation of about 750 young people and Youth Union members to raise their awareness of environmental protection. Participating in the movement “Planting trees in gratitude to Uncle Ho in 2022,” they grew nearly 300 trees in the campus of Pa So market, the main road of Phong Tho townlet and along the Nam Na River.

Moreover, they’ve organized plenty of social security activities, donated hand sanitizers and presented gifts to 100 disadvantaged households affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve also planted 30 peach trees (worth nearly 15 million VND), donated 413 warm clothes items and 50 blankets to ethnic students of Mu Sang Primary School, given away 50 gifts worth over 80 million VND to poor households.

According to Thung Thi Tam, in the coming time, the Youth Union Organization of Phong Tho district will continue to popularize the Party’s resolutions, the State’s legal policies and the Youth Union’s policies to members and young people. It will step up the youth voluntary movement, mobilize members to participate in socio-economic infrastructure development and construction of new-style rural areas and civilized urban areas. Voluntary programs will also focus on protecting the environment and tackling climate change, ensuring traffic safety, supporting disadvantaged students, as well as improving the quality of cultural, artistic and sporting activities among the youth.

Translated by Duy Phuong