In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of Party building among ethnic groups, the Lao Cai provincial Party Committee has promulgated Resolution No.05-NQ/TU on “Promoting the admission of members to the Party and building of hamlet party cells in the 2012-2015 period” and Project No.16-DA/TU on “Building and strengthening the political system in terms of organization and personnel, improving leadership capacity and combat strength of Party organizations and Party members in Lao Cai province in the 2016-2020 period.” The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee issues a plan on the work on an annual basis and the entire political system of the province strives to achieve the goals set in the plan.

According to Deputy Head of the Organization Commission of the Lao Cai provincial Party Committee Ngo Huu Quy, the province has admitted 12,823 members to the Party since 2017, among whom 6,466 are from ethnic minority groups (50.4%). After being admitted to the Party, those members are pioneering role models, putting their words into actions and striving to become core members at the grassroots level.

Den Sang commune, Bat Xat district has always done well in educating, communicating and admitting ethnic minorities to the Party.

The number of party cells in villages and hamlets, particularly in remote and border areas, has steadily increased thanks to the successful admission of ethnic minorities to the Party. At present, party cells with executive committees account for 80.83% of the total, which is 15.83% higher than the goal set in Project No.16-DA/TU. Backward customs and practices have been abolished, and local people's socioeconomic life has improved significantly.

The fish farm of Cha Lao Su, a party member raising salmon and sturgeon in tanks in Trung Chai hamlet (Den Sang commune, Bat Xat district), shows the determination of a man who joined the party just 2 years ago.

Cha Lao Su's family used to be in extreme poverty. Observing effective models when working for some fish farm owners, Su borrowed money to set up salmon and sturgeon tanks. He brought water from streams, bought breeds and learnt fish raising techniques, then decided to expand the scale and earned bigger income after several litters.

Chao Lao Su became a Party member in early 2019 as a result of his tireless efforts.

Despite many difficulties over the years, the local party committees at all levels in Si Ma Cai, a border district of Lao Cai province, have always paid attention to party-building, especially the growth of ethnic minority party members. When first re-established, the district had only 23 party cells and 372 members. Today, there are 40 party cells with 2,213 party members, 1,184 of whom are ethnic minorities.

The Party Committee of Si Ma Cai district has issued directives, resolutions, policies and appropriate solutions to promote the role and responsibility of political organizations and unions in fostering young party members. They have admitted to the Party more than 700 members from villages and hamlets, including more than 400 ethnic minorities over the past 5 years, ensuring every hamlet to have at least a party member. Meanwhile, those who are not exemplary or unqualified are removed from the party organizations. For the 2015-2020 term, the entire provincial Party Organization dismissed 310 members from the Party.

The admission of ethnic minorities to the Party and the fostering of those party members in Lao Cai province has yielded significant outcomes through flexible and inventive methods. It is demonstrated by actual actions and a strong political system, which clearly illustrates the people's leadership role in cultural socio-economic growth and national defense.

Translated by Minh Hieu - Le Na - Anh Tuan - Le Xuan