With strategic vision and kindness, Mai Vu Minh has built a “business empire” that focuses on profits and community values, contributing to sustainable development. He is also considered one of the influential businessmen in the international arena.

Billionaire Mai Vu Minh (L) and U.S. President Donald Trump

Humane economy a different approach

Billionaire Mai Vu Minh is also well-known for his unique perspectives on economics, people and society.

As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAPA Thale Group and SATAS Group, Mai Vu Minh has shown his strategic vision that focuses on economic benefits and sustainable and humane development as well. He believes that the actual success of an enterprise is not only measured in numbers but also calculated by the values it brings to the community.

Mai Vu Minh has invested in many infrastructure projects in several countries and is always committed to creating a fair and transparent business environment. With a keen eye on economic trends and environmental dynamics, billionaire Minh has invested 15 billion USD in private financial institutions and governments.

Mai Vu Minh (R) and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In order to be a man of great depth, Minh has constantly studied and met many heads of state and leaders of enterprises all over the world. He has met more than 30 top global leaders, including Bosnia and Herzegovina President Milorad Dodik, First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic and Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Russian President Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and more. The meetings helped him widen his international relations and gave him valuable lessons on how to manage and run business activities in the context of globalization.

With the combination of good business sense and kindness, the billionaire created a unique approach that puts people and the community on top. He regularly participated in and sponsored charitable activities, supported projects on developing the community and raising the quality of life of local people. Minh believes that a successful businessman not only enriches himself, but also makes contribution to society.

Mai Vu Minh (L) and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

His vision of a humane economy has boosted many important investment projects, thereby improving infrastructure quality and creating favorable conditions for local businesses’ development. Besides financial investment, he also gives consultation and shares experience with his partners and accompanying businesses to raise their management and business capacity.

Mai Vu Minh became an influential billionaire when he was young thanks to his constant efforts and strategic vision of humane economy. His story is not only a testament to the determination and talent of a skilled businessman, but also an inspiration for others in a fair way of business.

Innovation and creativity key to success

In a business world full of fluctuations and fierce competition, innovation and creativity are significant factors for survival and the key to sustainable success. Understanding this clearly, Mai Vu Minh turned it into his philosophy of life and main business strategy.

Right from the beginning of his business career, he realized that innovation comes from advanced technologies, ways of looking at problems and different approaches. Thanks to his good sense and strategic vision, he has put creative ideas into practice, making remarkable breakthroughs for his enterprise.

Billionaire Mai Vu Minh (R) in a meeting with Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Vu Dai Thang

Under the leadership of Mai Vu Minh, SATAS Group and SAPA Thale Group have emerged as a symbol of innovation and creativity. Minh thinks that in order to gain sustainable development, enterprises should change constantly and apply the most advanced technologies. Meanwhile, business needs to be associated with environmental protection and benefits for the community.

Apart from investing in business projects, the billionaire has paid special attention to human resource development. People are the most important factor in the process of innovation and creativity, he said. Therefore, he has invested in training his staff to raise their skills, sponsored many scholarship and research programs to create favorable conditions for young talents to develop, contributing to the business development and the country.

Bosnia-Herzegovina President Milorad Dodik (R) at a meeting with billionaire Mai Vu Minh

“Without risks, there can be no innovation. It is important that we must know how to manage risks and learn from failures. Failure is a valuable teacher that imparts priceless lessons for growth and further development,” Minh emphasized.

Mai Vu Minh is a successful businessman and he is also a speaker with profound views. He always strives to build a business community of solidarity, creativity and sustainable development. With a strategic vision, he has been creating sustainable values for his enterprise and the community and society.

Billionaire Mai Vu Minh is a clear example showing that innovation and creativity are not only the key to success, but also the path to sustainable and comprehensive development. He has become a source of inspiration for many young entrepreneurs, as well as an example of constant learning and innovation in the journey to new heights.

Translated by Quynh Oanh