Due to the complex developments of the pandemic, the governments of Thailand and other regional countries like Laos and Cambodia have raised travel restrictions to the highest level, the embassy said in a statement.

Thailand has closed most of its land border checkpoints and introduced new entry rules for all nationalities. Accordingly, travelers are required to present virus-free medical certificates and health insurances showing minimum coverage of not less than USD 100,000 to gain entry into the country.

Some parts of Thailand have imposed travel restrictions in cities shutdown while domestic airlines suspended commercial flights between the country and Vietnam.

Passengers at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand

Meanwhile, the government of Laos has halted free-visa entry for all Vietnamese passport holders starting from 0:00a.m. on March 20 while the Cambodian government has announced to bar entry of Vietnamese nationals from 11:59p.m. on the same day.

At the same time, Vietnam has also extended mandatory quarantine to all people entering the country.

The embassy advised all Vietnamese people living, working and studying in Thailand to strictly obey the local government's preventive measures against the pandemic and avoid non-essential travel back home during this time.

If a Vietnamese citizen desires to return home because of urgent reasons, he/she must fill in an online application form available on the embassy’s website. The embassy will review the request and coordinate with the authorities of both sides to support him/her.

To seek help, Vietnamese citizens are advised to contact the embassy hotlines: (+66) 8989 66653 or (+66) 2650 8979 during working hours.

Source: VNA