The Gaza ceasefire made it safe for the embassy staff to arrange the meeting, which took place in the house of Hong Shuranys, from the Liaison Board of the Vietnamese Association in Israel, in Netanya city.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Ly Duc Trung (left) meets overseas Vietnamese in Israel.

Since the war broke out, this was the first time the embassy had met in-person with representatives of the Vietnamese community in Israel although online meetings were held regularly, said Ambassador Ly Duc Trung, stressing that the embassy always pays attention to citizen protection.  

About 500 Vietnamese expatriates and nearly 200 students, along with a number of temporary workers are now in Israel, who remain safe as they all live far from conflict zones. 

Over the past time, the embassy has coordinated with the Liaison Board of the Vietnamese Association in Israel to take measures to ensure safety and security for the Vietnamese community.

Source: VNA