In traditional costumes, the Kho Mu and H’mong women and mothers and their children excitedly chose the most suitable necessities for themselves and their families.

People in Mai Son commune at the event

Holding new items selected from the “Zero VND Stall” in her hands, Mrs. Moong Thi Thay from Cha Lo village said, “Having learnt that the Military Command of Tuong Duong district organized the “Zero VND Stall” to support local people, we were very happy. We woke up at 5 to choose the most suitable items.”

Mrs. Cut Thi Bay from Huoi Xa village and her grandchildren in warm clothes selected from the stall happily said, “Winter has come, but I do not have money to buy warm clothes for my grandchildren. Fortunately, the Military Command of Tuong Duong district organizes the “Zero VND Stall,” so my grandchildren now have new warm clothes to wear. I thank soldiers for taking care of our villagers.”

Mai Son is a border commune in a remote area of Tuong Duong district. Most of the population here are Kho Mu and H’mong ethnic minority people who mainly rely on agricultural production, so they are still facing numerous difficulties. In order to share difficulties with local people and at the same time show the armed forces’ responsibility for taking care of the poor, the Military Command of Tuong Duong district organized the model. Essential items such as clothes and food at the stall were donated by the unit’s personnel.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Le Xuan The, Deputy Political Officer of the Tuong Duong district’s Military Command, in response to the “The whole country joins hands for the poor - No one is left behind” emulation movement and the “Good mass mobilization” movement, troops of the district’s armed forces have conducted various practical activities to help people in remote areas and ethnic minority residents to overcome difficulties. Over the past years, officers and soldiers of the district’s armed forces have bought breeding stocks for needy households and supported families in need to repair houses. 

From the practical deeds to local people, soldiers of Tuong Duong district’s armed forces have contributed to building the firm “people's heart posture” and consolidating the relationship between troops and people.

Translated by Tran Hoai