Earlier on June 28, trawler QNg 90499TS with Nguyen Tuan from Quang Ngai province at the helm experienced engine failure. Fishermen on board failed to fix the problem and anchored the trawler to wait for help. On July 3, due to strong winds, the anchor broke and the trawler went adrift at sea.

Ship CSB 4032 of Flotilla 212 of Brigade 21 under the Coast Guard Region 2 Command tows distressed trawler QNg 90499TS with six fishermen on board to Ky Ha port.

Ten days later, the Coast Guard Region 2 Command sent ship CSB 4032 to conduct the search and rescue mission. On July 14, the rescue team approached the troubled trawler and provided first aid to fishermen before towing the trawler ashore.

Translated by Tran Hoai