Over the past days, Quang Ngai province has witnessed heavy prolonged rains and tornadoes.

Torrential rains and tornadoes have ripped off the roofs of dozens of houses and exerted serious negative effects on the people’s life.

Troops from Ly Son district's Military Command clean the roads after the storm.

Facing the situation, hundreds of troops and militiamen have rushed to the scene and closely worked with the local authority to help the locals surmount disaster consequences.

A day after the tornado, officers and soldiers from Tu Nghia district's Military Command coordinated with local forces to help people repair their houses.

On October 28, a delegation of Tu Nghia district's Military Command inquired after flood-affected households in An Ha 3 village, Nghia Trung commune and arranged temporary accommodation for them.

* In Ly Son island district, before the storm, the district Military Command mobilized nearly 100 troops to assist local fishermen in protecting their houses from the storm and mooring fishing boats.

Upon receiving information that a landslide occurred at An Hai Primary School, around 30 troops promptly rushed to the scene and moved property and teaching facilities to a safer place.

On October 28, troops and militiamen of Ly Son island district, in collaboration with functional forces, collected rubbish and cleaned local roads.

Translated by Quynh Oanh