The leader of the Department of Policies presents gifts to the national contributors.

During the two resistance wars against the French colonists and American imperialists, the armed forces and local people in the city promoted unity and patriotic traditions, fostered the people’s war, and closely cooperated with regular forces in fighting the enemy for the liberation of the South and national reunification.

Over the past years, the city spent nearly VND 28.2 billion on building and repairing 942 gratitude houses for policy beneficiaries and raised VND 2.5 billion to build new gratitude houses.

At the meeting, on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the General Department of Politics, the leader of the Department of Policy presented gifts and briefed the delegates on gratitude activities of the whole military. Accordingly, the units have organized fully various political activities to educate the patriotic tradition and national tradition of “when drinking water, remember its source,” and carried out many practical programs to support national contributors and policy beneficiaries.

Translated by Lam Anh