Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem, Deputy Director of the Policy Department under the General Department of Politics chaired the meeting and presented gifts to the delegates.

Representative of the Policy Department presenting gifts to delegates 

Located in the Red River Delta, Nam Dinh province is famous for cultural identities, historical sites and architectural works. In the resistance wars for national salvation, generations of Nam Dinh people bravely fought and sacrificed themselves to protect the country. Moreover, Nam Dinh is also one of the provinces that have contributed a lot of human resources to the national liberation wars, with more than 500,000 people participating in combat or support combat operations in various battlefields.

The province has over 36,000 martyrs, 2,700 Vietnamese heroic mothers, 41,000 wounded soldiers, 800 veteran revolutionaries, and 1,600 former imprisoned revolutionaries.

Speaking at the event, Senior Colonel Nguyen Xuan Yem expressed his deep thanks to the contributions of the Party Organization and people of Nam Dinh province and informed the delegates about the military, especially military units’ activities, towards the 70th Vietnam Wounded Soldiers' and Martyrs' Day.

Over the past years, the Central Military Commission and the MND instructed all units to well implement the gratitude movement in the whole army. Accordingly, a wide range of activities, such as building gratitude houses, donating household goods, taking care of Vietnamese heroic mothers, and providing free health check-ups for national contributors, have been carried out.

Translated by Lam Anh