The logistical supplies, worth more than VND 700 million, will be used to better the care, treatment, vocational training, and rehabilitation for Vietnamese veterans, former youth volunteers, and their children and grandchildren.

Maj. Gen. Vu Ba Trung and his entourage and teachers and pupils in the village pose for a joint photo.

The presentation of the logistical supplies is part of the activities launched by the General Department of Logistics to celebrate the 11th Congress of the Military Party Organization, towards the 13th National Party Congress. It gave the general department’s staff, employees, and troops a chance to express their gratitude to war veterans, former youth volunteers, and policy beneficiary families for their contributions to the nation. It also showed logistic troops’ respect for the Vietnam Friendship Village’s cadres and laborers who have quietly devoted their lives and strength to taking care of national contributors and their children.

On the occasion, Major General Vu Ba Trung, Deputy Political Commissar of the General Department of Logistics, and his entourage visited and presented mid-Autumn gifts to teachers and students of special classes in the village. They also encouraged the village’s cadres and employees.

Since 2015, affiliates of the General Department of Logistics have taken care of 18 heroic Vietnamese mothers, fostered 60 children of fallen soldiers and wounded soldiers, created jobs for nearly 500 children of fallen and wounded soldiers, built 470 gratitude houses and contributed billions of Vietnamese dong to the Gratitude Fund.

Translated by Mai Huong