The ceremony saw the presence of Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Duoc, President of VVA; and Ms. Rosemarie Hohn Mizo, Chairwoman of the International Committee on the Vietnam Friendship Village.

At the ceremony

The Vietnam Friendship Village, established on March 18, 1998, is considered a symbol of the international solidarity for peace, friendship and cooperation between Vietnamese veterans and other friendship organizations from the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Canada.

Up to now, the village has welcomed and taken care of 6,500 veterans and nearly 700 Agent Orange/dioxin child victims from various localities across the country.

In her speech, Ms. Mizo thanked VVA and other Vietnamese relevant agencies in caring for the disadvantaged children, making contributions to healing the pain of the war in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, General Duoc emphasized that overcoming the aftermath of Agent Orange/dioxin left behind from the war is a tough work, requiring a considerable assistance of organizations and peace-lovers all over the world. He asked the village’s staff and employees to further do their utmost to complete all assigned tasks.

On this occasion, under the authorization of the State President, the VVA President handed over the First-class Labor Order to the village.

Translated by Chung Anh