Recipients include 1,070 households in Ia Chia commune of Ia Grai district and in Ia Dok and Ia Kla communes of Duc Co district.

Ia Grai and Duc Co are border districts facing socio-economic difficulties with a high rate of poor households.

Colonel Nguyen Van Hung presenting rice to local people

According to Siu Tin, Secretary of Ia Chia Party Committee, the commune has 22.72 percent of poor households, mainly ethnic minority people. Therefore, the aided rice is necessary and practical, helping poor locals overcome difficulties during the crop interval and contributing to maintaining political security, social order in the locality as well as consolidating people’s trust in the Party’s leadership and the State’s policy.

Company 74 has carried out this activity as usual for each year, said Colonel Nguyen Van Hung, the company’s director.

The company has spared over 300 ha of land for the locals to plant rice and farm produce to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty in the locality, upgraded over 10km of rural road and provided free health check-ups and medicines to hundreds of poor people.

Translated by Chung Anh