Dawn marks the beginning of a new day and it is also considered a new start of a life’s events. In peacetime, border troops have devoted themselves to lighting up the dreams of disadvantaged children in border areas.

Turning children’s dreams into reality

Located in the South of the Central Highlands region, Dak Nong shares a 141km border section with Cambodia’s Mondulkiri province. This is a remote and sparsely populated area. The infrastructure remains underdeveloped and people are still facing a series of difficulties in their livelihood. Therefore, many disadvantaged children cannot go to school.

The Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command presents gifts to needy students in Cambodia under the program “Paving the way for children to go to school” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2016, implementing the program “Paving the way for children to go to school” launched by the Vietnam Border Guard Command, border stations in the province have promoted external activities and coordinated with local authorities and Cambodia’s border protection force to choose children, graded 1 to 5, with difficult conditions to support them to go to school. 

Since then, every year, border troops in the South of the Central Highlands region accompany 12 needy students in Cambodia, with the financial support of VND 500,000 per month for each child. During the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the pandemic prevention and control regulations, Dak Nong border guards regularly sent gifts to needy students via Cambodia border troops.

After the 7-year implementation of the “Paving the way for children to go to school” program, many supported students have achieved good and excellent academic results. One of those students is studying at Hun Sen University. These results have turned into an encouragement motivating Dak Nong border guards to continue to devote themselves to building a border of peace, friendship, comprehensive cooperation and development.

This is a piece of evidence showing the noble humane values of the “Paving the way for children to go to school” program and the efficiency of the education promotion work.

According to Colonel Hoang Van Hieu, Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Dak Nong Border Guard Command, the efficiency of the program is seen as an encouragement for border troops to continue standing by disadvantaged children in border areas, including those in Cambodia.

With the hearts of gold, Dak Nong border troops are willing to support local authorities, people and the Cambodian armed forces, contributing to realizing the Party and State’s guidelines and policies on external affairs and building a shared border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development.

Waiting for soldiers from the dawn

Every year, when a new school year starts (Cambodian students usually start the new academic school year in December), border posts in the Southwest border region and the Central Highlands provinces visit and present gifts under the program “Paving the way for children to go school” to poor students in Cambodia.

Ro Lan H’Phyit (center) receives gifts from Ia Pnon Border Station under the Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command.

According to Ro Cham H’Dul from Choong village, Nhang commune, Andoung Meas district, Rattanakiri province (Cambodia), the father of Ro Lan Kham, a student sponsored by Ho Le Border Station under Vietnam’s Kon Tum provincial Border Guard Command, his family’s conditions are extremely difficult. He also sent deep thanks to the Vietnamese border guards for supporting his son to go to school.

Together with Vietnam’s border guards, the political systems of the two countries and Cambodia’s border protection force have promoted external activities to tighten solidarity and deepen the ties to make the dreams of disadvantaged students come true. The tight handshakes and happy smiles of local people in border areas could be the glow of dawn opening up a bright future ahead.

Receiving gifts from Ia Pnon border post under the Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command, Ro Lan H’Phyit, aged 17, from Cambodia, promised to study hard to deserve the Vietnamese border troops’ support.

As reported, since 2016, the Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command has sponsored three students with difficult conditions from localities in Rattanakiri province, Cambodia. Apart from financial support, the Vietnamese border troops have encouraged them to overcome difficulties and study hard to become good citizens in society.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Quynh Oanh