On July 27, Lieutenant General Trinh Dinh Thach, Party Secretary and Political Commissar of Military Region 5, chaired a conference to issue guidelines and measures to effectively carry out pandemic prevention and control work. Particularly, Party Committees, chains-of-command, and steering boards for COVID-19 prevention and control of agencies and units in the region were told to consider disease prevention a combat mission in peacetime and adopt tough measures to protect troops from being infected by the virus. The conference also requested agencies and units to prepare forces, vehicles, facilities, and medical equipment to effectively respond to the pandemic at different stages; promote dissemination of information relating to pandemic prevention and control work; step up the prevention of fake news associated with the pandemic; prevent COVID-19 from spreading while having methods to stop diphtheria outbreak in four Central Highlands provinces.

Spraying Da Nang Hospital with disinfectant

According to Deputy Commander and Head of the Steering Board for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control of Military Region 5 Major General Nguyen Dinh Tien, agencies and units in the region will keep supervising the entrance and exit of troops, local people, and vehicles to their barracks, set up health checkpoints, and encourage the use of disinfectant as regulated. All personnel of agencies and units were requested to wear facemasks and strictly keep a distance of at least one meter between troops.

Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Da Nang city, the military region’s armed forces requested that personnel, who had close contact with COVID-19 cases and visited pandemic-infected localities, fill out health declaration forms. The Steering Committee for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control asked Military Hospital 13 and Military Region 17 to prepare quarantine zones and treatment space for COVID-19 cases, contemporary stop-overs providing regular health check-ups, and promote the application of information technology to providing online health consultations for outpatients.

To ease pressure on Da Nang-based Hospital C and Da Nang Hospital, Military Hospital 17 was tasked to provide health check-ups for patients who registered for health check-ups at the medical establishments. Military Region 5 Command agreed to host around 1,000 relatives of patients who are quarantined at the two hospitals and at the Defense and Security Education Center of the Military Training School of the military region.

With their experiences in quarantining Vietnamese citizens from COVID-19-hit countries months ago, staff of the Defense and Security Education Center are determined and confident in their ability to prevent the disease, contributing to the government’s efforts to contain the pandemic.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Quang Vinh, Deputy Commander of Da Nang’s Military Command said that at present, the municipal military command is implementing appropriate measures to ensure good care for quarantined people and preparing more quarantine facilities.

Translated by Tran Hoai