Incense offered to fallen troops

At the cemetery, where more than 1,800 troops sacrificed their lives to defend the national territorial integrity, are resting in peace, the mission paid homage to the fallen troops. They promised to be loyal to the Party, the Fatherland and the people and showed their high resolve to be side by side with the entire Party and people to victoriously implement the renewal process, build and firmly protect the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

After that, the mission visited and gave gifts to 15 local policy beneficiary families facing adversities in life. Inquiring after them, General Phuong stressed that the CMC, the MND, and the General Department of Politics have led troops to carry out more gratitude activities and practical deeds to express gratitude to fallen troops, and care for more policy beneficiary families. These deeds have helped raise the living standards of the recipients.

General Phuong hoped that sick and wounded soldiers and policy beneficiary families continue to overcome difficulties to have a better life, deserving the noble title “Uncle Ho’s soldiers” and setting a good example for younger generations to follow. They should also engage in local activities to boost local socio-economic development, and build civilized and cultural residential areas.

On the occasion, the mission presented gifts to the district’s Party committee and authorities and troops of the district’s military command.

Translated by Chung Anh