Knowing this situation, the Quang Ngai provincial Border Guard Command provided medical supplies and equipment for Ly Son Border Station to assist the station in dengue fever prevention and control.

In detail, on October 16, after receiving two large-capacity sprayers and mosquito repellents, Ly Son Border Station collaborated with local medical staff to spray chemicals to kill mosquitoes and other harmful insects in residential areas to prevent the spreading of the disease.

Border guards support Ly Son district in dengue fever prevention.

According to the local preventive medical sector, Ly Son district is currently in the rainy season and local people often use various types of containers to collect rainwater. Additionally, used or waste tools can contain standing water attracting mosquitoes and leading to increased mosquito breeding. These are the main reasons causing the outbreak of dengue fever.

To control the disease, Ly Son Border Station mobilized troops to clean the environment and spray chemicals while conducting information dissemination activities to guide local people on disease prevention and control measures.

These activities contributed to easing the difficulties of people in dengue fever treatment.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Song Anh