Writing in the memorial book of the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum, General Lich affirmed that the Truong Son - Ho Chi Minh Trail will forever be a treasure and pride of troops of the Vietnam People’s Army in particular and the nation in general, and a symbol of solidarity in combat of the peoples and armed forces of the three Indochinese countries.

He emphasized that the legendary trail was a creative and unique strategy of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh, one of the glorious feats-of-arms in the resistance war against US imperialists, and a symbol of revolutionary heroism and iron will of the Vietnamese troops and people in the struggle for national freedom and reunification.

Defense Minister visiting Army Corps 12

Working with leaders of Army Corps 12, General Lich praised the good results of the unit’s task performance over the past time. Accordingly, the unit thoroughly grasped the Defense Ministry’s guidelines, strictly observed military regulations and discipline, carried out a plan on restructuring its organization to raise its efficiency by 2020, and equitized its four affiliated companies.

He asked the unit’s personnel to uphold its tradition, maintain solidarity, and raised their determination and activeness to promote combat readiness as well as production. The army corps also should put forth measures to ensure its sustainable development while creating jobs with stable incomes for workers as well as improving local people’s living standards and its workers’ health. 

The Defense Minister requested the unit’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to focus on raising productivity, quality and efficiency of task performance, restructuring its organization, renovating technology, and building a pure and strong Party organization.

Earlier, General Lich offered incense and laid wreaths at the Martyrs’ Monument at the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum and visited the “Memories of Truong Son” exhibition.

Translated by Tran Hoai