During an interview granted to reporters, Mr. Athansios Pafilis, WPC's Secretary General commented on the role of the hosting country - Vietnam and the outstanding achievements gained by Vietnam during the process of building, protecting and developing the country and raising its position.

Answering the question about the significance of the selection of Vietnam as the host of the 22nd Assembly WPC, Mr. Athanasios Pafilis sent thanks to the Vietnam Peace Committee, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, and Vietnamese people for their hospitability and thorough preparations for the event. He said, during the 22nd Assembly of WPC, Vietnam will receive delegates from many countries in the world. It is an essential event for the country.

Secretary General of the World Peace Council Athansios Pafilis

Vietnam’s history proved that national solidarity gave Vietnam great strength to defeat foreign invaders, especially the French colonialists and U.S. imperialists. Moreover, the Vietnamese people have a great love for peace and independence. In its ‘4 No’s’ policy, Vietnam emphasized that it will not join forces with one country to oppose another. He once more deeply thanked Vietnam for all things it has done over the past time, as well as for the active and responsible contribution of Vietnam to WPC’s activities in particular and the world peace movement in general.

Sharing his opinion and impression about Vietnam’s preparations for the event, Mr. Athanasios Pafilis said he has been to Vietnam seven times and been impressed by its rapid changes. The country has witnessed strong socio-economic development. However, it has maintained and fostered a peaceful and stable environment for national development. In detail, the capital of Hanoi was recognized by UNESCO as “City for peace.” Regarding Vietnam’s arrangements, he believed everything is good. Vietnam has drawn up concrete plans and carefully prepared for the event.

For the contribution of the Vietnam Peace Committee in particular and Vietnam in general to WPC’s activities and world peace, Mr. Athanasios Pafilis shared that the Vietnam Peace Committee is a responsible member of the community. During the WPC’s conferences, the committee has always supported its movements for peace and he highly appreciate it.

Answering the question about the plans to stand by Vietnam in pursuing the goal of peace, justice, national independence and sovereignty, Mr. Athanasios Pafilis deemed that in Vietnam’s struggle for national liberation and independence, millions of people around the world backed Vietnam and the struggle for justice. The war is over; however, millions of Vietnamese people are still affected by Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin. He knew that Vietnam is exerting utmost efforts to support AO/dioxin victims and raise the quality of their spiritual and material life. In the coming time, the WPC will accompany the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange/Dioxin Victims to help AO/dioxin victims have a better life.


When Athanasios Pafilis was young, he engaged in movements to fight against dictatorship. He was consistent and dedicated in the cause of fighting for international solidarity, world peace and social justice.

As the Secretary General of the WPC, Athanasios Pafilis has promoted the traditional and friendly relationship between the WPC and Vietnam, especially in issues of national sovereignty, territory, democracy, human rights and Agent Orange/dioxin victims. In 2012, he was presented the insignia “For peace and friendship between nations” by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations.

Translated by Quynh Oanh