Director of the Center for Tropical Diseases Do Duy Cuong encouraging the Nigerian patient

According to doctor Ngo Chi Cuong, who directly treated the patient, on July 6, the center received the Nigerian who has lived in Vietnam for 4 years. She returned to her hometown in Nigeria on April 30 and came back to Vietnam on June 19.

After being checked-up at Medlatec Hospital and treated in Dang Van Ngu Hospital, the patient was admitted to Bach Mai Hospital in a state of irritability, high fever of 39 degrees Celsius, pale mucous membranes, low blood pressure, and oliguria. The initial diagnosis was severe malaria with acute renal failure.

After five days of treatment, the patient had no fever, no malaria parasites in peripheral blood smear tests, and no sign of anemia, her renal failure gradually improved, and urine output returned to normal.

According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Do Duy Cuong, Director of the Center for Tropical Diseases, malaria is a rare infectious disease in the northern region because Vietnam has successfully controlled it. However, recently the number of malaria cases has increased, mainly from people returning or coming from Africa.

Source: PANO/VNA

Translated by Song Anh