Chairwoman of AmCham Vietnam Amanda Rasmussen

In 2003, the newly-wed made a big decision to live and work in Vietnam. On the first days in Ho Chi Minh City, she was impressed by the hospitality and kindness of her Vietnamese colleagues, friends, neighbors and even new acquaintances. She was also surprised at the uniquecoffee drinking culture in the city. Instead of ordering the coffee to go like Western people, the Vietnamese love sipping delicious coffee in the street cafes, and take their limited free time enjoying life.

Describing the residential area in district 2 where she is living, Amanda Rasmussen said that it is like a small village where everybody knows and cares about each other. Drinking coffee at street cafes helps her make more friends.

AmCham Vietnam’s Chairwoman said that she was lucky to work in such a friendly and fair working environment like Vietnam, where co-workers consider each other their brothers and sisters, and all women and men are treated fairly at work.

She said that she is strongly affected by the kindness of the Vietnamese people, who are always ready to share with those in need.

Amanda Rasmussen emphasized that her greatest impression of Vietnam is how the country responds to challenges. The Vietnamese government’s positive results in preventing and controlling COVID-19 pandemic over the past several months and its economic achievements are due to its quick and flexible response to emerged circumstances.

She affirmed that Vietnam has rapidly changed in the past two decades, becoming a fertile land for investors to develop. Over the past few years, businesses and investors have flocked to Vietnam to seek development opportunities. The country has been credited as one of fastest growing economies in the region with attractive development opportunities that no foreign investor wants to miss. It is also seen as a safe place to invest and a land for young people to challenge themselves.

Amanda Rasmussen said that although Vietnam has done a good job making positive changes in investment environment, the country should continue improving its policies to further attract more foreign investors.

Recently, the Vietnamese and U.S. governments have tried to promote bilateral trade activities. She hoped that in the near future, the two sides will foster cooperation in developing green energy and improving infrastructure, and Vietnam will have more open policies for businesses of the two countries to strengthen their cooperation.

Source: Tuoitre

Translated by Tran Hoai