This was the first public hospital in Vietnam to run such a model, contributing to considerably promoting the hospital’s health checkup and treatment.

According to Director of the hospital Duong Thanh Binh, there are seven Cuban doctors  working at  the hospital. They are experts in cardiology, oncology, neuropathology, and traumatology-orthopedics, among others.

Prof. Piter Martinez Benitez (C) and Vietnamese colleagues

Beside directly providing health check-ups and treatment, the selected doctors also help train the hospital’s staff and carry out technical transfer.

Prof. Piter Martinez Beniter, a cardiovascular specialist from the Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Institute in Havana, shared that over the past year, he successfully performed operations for nearly 300 patients. Among them, many were facing critical health situations.

Beniter emphasized that during their stay in Vietnam, Cuban doctors learned more experiences as Vietnam has several diseases that Cuba does not.

He underlined the important role of clinical diagnosis when a patient sees a doctor. The more carefully the clinical diagnosis is conducted, the more effectively medical decisions are made. It also contributes to minimizing other unnecessary medical tests for patients, whereby it lowers their expenses.

Meanwhile, Dr. Crescencio Aneiro Alfonso, an expert of neuropathology, stressed that working at Dong Hoi Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Hospital - a symbol of the two countries’ solidarity - differs from other places worldwide where he had been before.

Alfonso and his fellow-countrymen always receive sincere sentiment and favorable conditions from the hospital’s leadership, their Vietnamese colleagues, and local people, he added.

Normally, the Cuban doctors at  the hospital only take one leave a year while they spend the remaining time providing medical examination and treatment for local patients. However, they always show dedication to their work.

The effective operation of the model has reportedly raised the quality of medical services in Quang Binh province in particular and the Central region in general.

Director of the Quang Binh provincial Department of Health Nguyen Duc Cuong hailed the program on medical  cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba. He wanted Cuban doctors  to further share experiences to their Vietnamese peers.

In the near future, they are expected to join the Dong Hoi Vietnam - Cuba Friendship Hospital in piloting a family doctor service in the province, Cuong concluded.

Translated by Van Hieu