PANO - Vice President of Bulgaria Margarita Popova on November 26th visited Vietnam-Bulgaria Kindergarten, a gift from her country to Vietnam.


Since its establishment 34 years ago, the kindergarten has achieved a lot to be proud of. According to the school’s headmistress Bui Thi Kim Xuan, it has received many significant presents from Bulgaria and been recognized for actively contributing to the fruitful development of the two countries’ relations. It is a lively symbol of the two countries’ friendship.

The Bulgarian official shared her special sentiment with the school’s staff and children. She showed her pleasure at the warm feelings of the staff and pupils to her country and herself, and was happy to learn of the school’s increasing development and reception of several noble awards.

On the occasion, she handed over her honourable insignia to the school’s headmistress.

Translated by Ngoc Bich