Born in 1990, the British girl graduated with a degree in journalism from Teesside University (the U.K.). Instead of pursuing a career in journalism, she chose to become an English teacher. Rebecca shared that she first came to Vietnam just to experience the wonderful country that she had heard a lot about and planned to stay for a few months. However, she gradually found her enormous love for the country and decided to stay longer and then longer. “I really love teaching Vietnamese students," said Rebecca.

Rebecca Zoe Adams in Ao dai with peacock pattern

With her broad knowledge and journalism skills, Rebecca created personnel pages on social networking platforms. Notably, her TikTok account, titled "Becky in Vietnam," has attracted more than 300,000 followers. Many short videos comparing the life in Vietnam and in the U.K., such as "What is 8a.m. like in Vietnam and the U.K.?" has drawn attention of many views. 

Thanks to her meticulous observation and creative presentation, Rebecca has made interesting videos of her discovery of unique things in daily activities of the Vietnamese people. The young girl with her good sense of humor, wisdom, and exquisiteness has also won viewers’ heart.

Rebecca is able to communicate in Vietnamese and she is continuing to systematically enhance her command of the language to have deeper insight into the Vietnamese culture. Her videos are so inspiring that they have helped foreigners learn and understand more about the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese culture.

Since Rebecca has been in Vietnam for the last five years, the young girl experienced the most difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Going through the hard time, the British girl adores the sense of community and the Vietnamese people’s concern for foreigners like her. The care is clearly shown during the lunar New Year (Tet) holidays. Although all the Vietnamese people reunite with their families on the holidays, she does not feel lonely at all. She said, “I am often invited to others’ homes to eat and drink. Everyone is very welcoming! It reminds me a lot of Christmas in the U.K. when everyone gathers and together celebrates the event.”

During the lunar New Year holidays, the British girl either takes short vacations to famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, or meets and enjoys the festive atmosphere with friends, such as watching fireworks and eating Banh Chung (square glutinous rice cake) in Hanoi. Rebecca has made many videos about Tet and posted them to her social network pages during the holidays, and she is extremely excited to make videos of her trying traditional Tet dishes. 

In this lunar New Year of the Dragon, Rebecca has had a lot of photos of hers in Ao dai (traditional long dress of the Vietnamese people) with the peacock pattern taken in different places in Vietnam. Her posted videos of peach blossom sellers wholeheartedly helping her take the most beautiful photos clearly show that the Vietnamese people are very friendly and likable.

Translated by Tran Hoai