The region has been hit by consecutive tropical storms, prolonged heavy rain, severe and widespread flooding and landslides. So far, more than 178,000 households have been affected by flood waters up to 2m high while 362 schools have been damaged. The combined natural disasters have also destroyed a large area of agricultural land and a great number of resources.

Military people actively participate in search, rescue and disaster relief

In addition, the natural disasters caused a devastating loss of life, including members of heroic military rescue teams.

“When Australia experienced devastating bushfires last summer, we felt the outpouring of support from the government and people of Vietnam. Today we stand in solidarity with Vietnam, as you grieve for lost loved ones and heroic first responders. We will continue monitoring relief requirements as the extent of the impact comes to light,” said Ambassador Mudie.

This humanitarian assistance will be delivered through the Australian Humanitarian Partnership. It will operate in tandem with Australia’s ongoing efforts to support Vietnam’s recovery from the global COVID-19 pandemic. This included the announcement of an immediate $10.5m package of assistance in June.

Reported by Binh Chau-Hoang Linh