The Ha Giang delegation at the event (Photo: nhandan.vn)

With Ha Giang hosting the event, Secretary of its Party Committee Dang Quoc Khanh underscored the countries’ close-knit ties and the two peoples’ long-standing traditional friendship in his opening speech.

He recommended the five localities make efforts to boost mutual visits between their leaders and host exchanges between their Party units. He also suggested they maintain smooth trade at their crossings and pairs of border markets, and speed up the establishment of new border gates and upgrade existing ones. It is also important to resume their cross-border import, export, and tourism activities, he said.

Informing one another about their respective socio-economic development, the provinces agreed to launch effective measures to support the common perceptions reached between senior leaders of the two parties and two states.

The Yunnan delegation at the event (Photo: nhandan.vn)

They said they will continue to maintain, promote, and bring into full play the mechanisms of the annual conference between their provincial party committee secretaries and the meeting of their joint working group.

The parties highlighted the need to continue to actively implement the motto of “friendly neighborliness, comprehensive cooperation, long-lasting stability and looking forwards to the future” and the spirit of “good friends, good comrades, and good partners.”

It is necessary to strictly implement the three legal documents on the land border between Vietnam and China and related agreements, they noted.

Delegates in a joint photo (Photo: nhandan.vn)

Secretary of the Yunnan provincial Party Committee Wang Ning said he believes that the implementation of contents reached at the conference will bring about practical effects, contributing to strengthening the provinces’ friendship and cooperation.

Participants signed the minutes of the meeting and an action plan for their pilot collaboration in sustainable poverty reduction for 2023-2025.

They agreed that the 4th conference will be held in Yunnan in the first quarter of next year.

Source: VNA