Vietnamese Association for Gemstone has organized an exhibition of natural gemstone products on the sidelines of the Conference on the global geological parks.

Nearly 100 kinds of gems are showcased in this exhibition, including jewels, precious stones, Fengshui stone, chalcedony and quartz most found in Central Vietnam and in the Highlands. Especially, quartz dating back to nearly 300,000 years ago is very eye-catching.

Some products in the exhibition are made of Vietnamese natural stones, including ruby, sapphire, spine, peridot (a kind of opal), tourmaline, opal, quartz. According to enterprises, foreigners often prefer examples of such raw gemstone, especially in jewellery for younger people.

These raw gemstones will be turned into beautiful rings, chains or bracelets.

Viewers also really like certain kinds of jade, for example, jade which is blue and rare because it is only created in a special geological condition. In Vietnam, there is a long history of jewellery making involving such beautiful local gemstones, sometimes dating back about 2,000 years ago, and cultural and social aspects of giving jewellery of this type are very significant even today.

Source: VnExpress

Translated by Nguyen Thao