Business culture creates its own style, helping distinguish one business from another, while raising the status of the enterprise, creating an unite - creative - dynamic group, contributing to its task performance and attract workforce to this company.

With these goals, the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) has attached much importance to the business culture work, starting by Decision No.5799/KH-DKVN on the implementation of the task in the group. The decision serves as a lodestar for the group to build its business culture.

PV GAS's workers celebrating its 32nd founding anniversary

Therefore, the construction and development of business culture in the whole group have seen remarkable achievements, contributing to affirming the brand and status of a leading economic group in the country’s economy.

Under the PetroVietnam business culture, the PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS), as a branch of the PetroVietnam, has built values of business culture to continue promoting its traditions and overcome difficulties to fulfill all set targets. Especially, PV GAS also pays attention to enhancing dissemination and implementation of business culture among employees, business activities, customers and partners as the core in the development process of the corporation.

Efficiency of realizing PetroVietnam business culture in PV GAS

During its development, PV GAS has built, transformed, and promoted brand identity many times, and created and spread business culture platforms. In 2018, PV GAS’s new corporate identity program (CIP) was introduced, bearing the spirit of the PetroVietnam and “fire-seekers” but still keeping the enterprise’s unique features.

PV GAS has also stressed that the implementation of business culture helps its members understand the company’s vision, mission, and production activities; connect all members and boost internal solidarity; encourage its workforce and create competitiveness and difference in the market. Business culture has been conducted in line with production and business tasks and its development strategy orientation to become one of the leading industries in the economy, gradually reach the international market, and rank high positions in ASEAN. Thus, PV GAS confidently steps into the future, with a worthy posture as a young and potential representative of Vietnam’s gas industry.

Since the beginning of its establishment, with the close direction of the PV GAS’s Party Committee and leaders, all members have shown their high determination to implement business culture into reality.

Specifically, PV GAS has built plans and observed the implementation of business culture, then putting it into the collective labor agreement; issued several regulations on PV GAS employees’ code of conduct, to name but a few.

In addition, PV GAS has also promoted the role of its unions in building business culture, such as teambuilding activities, family festivals, dialogues, and seminars between leaders and employees, among others, to strengthen the cohesion among its members.

Over the past time, business culture has contributed to PV GAS’s achievements, especially amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to increasing productivity and ensuring quality; helping PV GAS maintain its leading position on innovative initiatives.

Safety is one of PV GAS's priorities. 

Annually, in addition to business activities, business culture also creates strength for PV GAS to be listed in Vietnam’s top enterprises, becoming one of the most sustainable and reputable brands in the market. Recently, PV GAS is honorably named in the list of top nine companies in Vietnam, in “Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2022” for 10 consecutive years by Forbes magazine, and in Top 5 companies with good revenues and profits.

The efficiency of realizing Petrovietnam business culture in PV GAS has contributed to raising awareness and actions of employees and officials in the group in general and in PV GAS in general, making contributions to building up the company’s brand name and prestige in the society as well as creating competitive advantages to PV GAS in the domestic and international markets.

Translated by Minh Anh