In addition, all documents related to the energy sector will be digitalised.

The focus will also be placed on developing a synchronised information system for the energy industry, including gas and oil, petroleum, coal, electricity, renewable energy and new energies.

Workers of Vietnam Electricity check a transmission system.

Vietnam has set a target to increase electricity access index to be among the top three in ASEAN by 2025, from the current position of fourth in ASEAN and 27th out of 190 countries and territories.

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is enhancing the effort to install electricity e-meters to achieve the rate of 95% by 2025 and 100% by 2030 which will allow customers to check their electricity use via mobile app.

The ministry said that it will focus on improving the mechanisms and policies to create favorable conditions for the digital economy development in the energy sector, especially for energy producers who aim at smart production, green growth, sustainable growth and circular economy.

Policies would also be raised to increase the application of information and technology as well as mechanisms for the use, management and operation of information systems for digital transformation.

Source: VNA