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The sum came from 37 new and 51 existing projects. According to the department, all the projects are in high technology, supporting industry and are environmentally friendly. They are in line with the province’s policy to prioritize hi-tech projects. 

Most of the projects in Dong Nai in the period were from the Republic of Korea (Rok), Japan, Singapore, Germany and the British Virgin Islands. 

Notably, Pou Phong Vietnam Ltd. invested in a USD 55 million project, while Powerknit Vietnam Ltd. launched a USD 60 million project, both coming from the British Virgin Islands. Chang Hae Vietnam company and Long Thai Tu fabric company from the RoK added USD 20 million and USD 50 million to their ongoing project in the province. 

Dong Nai is home to 1,703 projects with total investment of nearly USD 31 billion, including 1,286 valid projects worth USD 26.1 billion and 417 revoked projects worth USD 4.8 billion. 

The FDI projects’ investors are from 45 countries and territories, mostly the RoK, Taiwan (China) and Japan.

Source: VNA