Approved by the Prime Minister in 2007, the area covers 418.91 hectares in Hiep Thanh commune of Bac Lieu city.

Bac Lieu has more than 136,000 hectares of shrimp farm. 

The area is expected to facilitate the research and application of high technology into the shrimp industry, including production of shrimp seeds and shrimp feed of the province as well as in the Ca Mau peninsular, the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

Bac Lieu has approved a project to make Bac Lieu a centre of the country’s shrimp industry with major targets of turning the province a leading locality in high technology research and application for brackish water shrimp farming, focusing on shrimp farming and processing, and acting as a connecting point of the industry in the whole region.

Bac Lieu has been a major shrimp hub of the country with a yearly output of 32-35 billion shrimp fry.

Currently, Bac Lieu has more than 136,000 hectares of shrimp farm, of which 2,200 hectares are high-tech farms.

The locality is home to four businesses certified as high-tech agricultural firms, along with seven units meeting international standards in aquatic farming.

Source: VNA