It is organized by the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore in collaboration with NTUC FairPrice and Hao Mart – the two large supermarket chains of Singapore.

As many as 38 agricultural products and processed foods have been put into the retail system, including such new products of Vietnamese enterprises as fruit-flavored coffee, instance yogurt, and herbal tea.

At the event

Tran Thu Quynh, head of the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore, said that most of the items put on sale at the supermarket system this time are the direct results of the Trade Office's efforts in supporting businesses during the year, including the success of the Vietnam National Brands Week 2021 – Hybrid Expo on Halal and Processed Food Products held in Singapore in August.

After checking the products showcased at the expo, FairPrice Co-operative Ltd. immediately signed contracts with many Vietnamese enterprises, including TH True Milk, Huu Nghi, and Hat A Coffee. Other products have also been introduced into the supermarket system thanks to the office's efforts to apply information technology in trade promotion.

Currently, FairPrice is the largest supermarket chain in Singapore, accounting for 75 percent of the retail market share.

Goh Tsu Ching, Head of International Sourcing at FairPrice, said there are more than 800 Vietnamese products on sale at FairPrice supermarkets. The total value of Vietnamese goods sold via the supermarkets has reached 66 million SGD (48 million USD) last year, compared to 44 million SGD in 2017.

This year's event witnessed the presence of 12 new Vietnamese products at the Hao Mart supermarket. Most of these are connected through the Vietnam Brand Week Hybrid Exhibition namely Hat A coffee, Hello 5 coffee, TH milk, Betrimex coconut water, and Honeco honey.

Hao Mart is a new supermarket chain in the Singaporean retail market. It has recently imported a total of 60 items from Vietnam. In addition to supplying Halal products to the Muslim market in Singapore, Hao Mart also has the ambition to become a center for introducing and connecting Halal products to neighbouring countries in ASEAN.

Source: VNA