Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia reported that the company is training farmers in sustainable production methods, including soil management, helping them obtain certification from an international accreditation organisation that promotes sustainable farming.

Harvesting coffee beans in the Central Highlands, Vietnam

Kirin aims to extend support to farms in 700 locations, double the current figure, by the end of the year.

The firm helps Vietnamese coffee growers get certification from the Rainforest Alliance, a US-based non-governmental organisation. To be certified, farmers must not only refrain from using excessive amounts of agrochemicals and work to protect biodiversity but also enhance production efficiency and quality, and improve conditions for farm-workers.

Since last year, Kirin has supported 350 Vietnamese coffee farms, helping growers conserve water, protect rivers from pollution and introduce better cultivation methods for areas with low sunlight.

Vietnam is the world's second-largest coffee bean producer after Brazil. Vietnamese coffee represents about 30 percent of the ingredients Kirin uses in its products.

Thanks to increased consumer awareness, sales of beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance grew sharply around the world last year, rising 15 percent from the previous year.

Source: VNA