Informing the guests on the city’s socio-economic situation, Hoan said that as Ho Chi Minh City orients to become a smart city, it is paying attention to developing digital economy, green economy, and digital governance.

An overview of the reception

Therefore, the city welcomes the FHKI's concerns in the fields of information technology (IT), logistics, green transformation and digital economy.

Ho Chi Minh City pledges to create favorable conditions to connect the two sides’ businesses, and is willing to welcome Hong Kong enterprises to come to seek investment opportunities in the city.

Briefing the Ho Chi Minh City leader on the history of formation and development of the FHKI, Sunny Chai said that the federation’s firms are operating in various fields, including those that can meet Ho Chi Minh City’s demand during its development process.

Members of the FHKI delegation appreciated the development potential of Ho Chi Minh City in recent years, affirming that they are willing to share experiences with the city in building and developing smart and green urban areas, science and technology, and infrastructure.

Source: VNA