Choi, who is also Chairman of Sunwah Group, said that Sunwah has enjoyed many successful projects in Ho Chi Minh City since it arrived in Vietnam from the 1970s.

An overview of the meeting

He said the firm is expanding its investment in Vietnam to science-technology and innovation, and hopes to introduce more Hong Kong investors to Ho Chi Minh City.

As the Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Chairman of the Guangdong - Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurs’ Union, Choi spoke highly of the potential of the Ho Chi Minh City's market, describing the city as an ideal destination for Hong Kong investors, especially in financial service, stock, farm produce export, and green technology development.

According to Choi, the city is in need of developed science-technology and innovation, and Hong Kong, as a connecting center, is willing to support the city in calling for more capital serving the development needs of the city and Vietnam as a whole.

Along with traditional investment areas such as real estate, Hong Kong investors hope to expand partnership in the city in promising fields such as human resources training, scientific research, and heath care.

Mai thanked Choi for the cooperation proposals, saying that they match the city's needs.

He affirmed that the city wants to deepen collaboration with Sunwah and other businesses from Hong Kong in prioritized areas, especially in the building of a financial centre, and looks to learn from Hong Kong's experience in the field of semiconductor and microchip technology development, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Choi led a Hong Kong business delegation to attend the Hong Kong - Ho Chi Minh City investment promotion conference in the city later the same day.

Source: VNA