Under the agreement, the sides will implement investment and production procedures in 2024 to implement the agreed cooperation for mutual benefits.

At the event, they exchanged opinions on cooperation orientations in development, investment and capital arrangement for N&G Group industrial parks.

At the signing ceremony.

With the agreement, the Techno Park production complex is expected to be formed with joint work of Hanoi and Shanghai in Hanoi South Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP).

The Techno Park production complex in Hanoi will be built according to international standards in order to attract high-tech projects from China and foreign countries, especially those in semiconductor.

A representative from the Chinese side said specific measures will be discussed after the signing to realize the cooperation, noting that more Chinese enterprises are expected to invest in Vietnam in the time ahead.

The Chinese delegation said it will continue studying investment opportunities in all the three regions of Vietnam to build more high-tech industrial complexes.

Source: VNA