The ASIAD 19 opening ceremony employed cutting-edge technology to enhance the emotional and humanitarian spirit of the event, while showcasing the unique culture of China. Organizers seamlessly blended technology with artistic expression, artfully incorporating China's rich traditional culture through elements like traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and the ethereal landscapes of Jiangnan.

The Vietnamese sports delegation join the opening ceremony of ASIAD 19.

ASIAD 19 convened approximately 13,000 athletes from 45 countries and territories, competing in 40 sports. The Vietnamese sports delegation sent 337 athletes to participate in 31 events, with the aim of securing between 2 and 5 gold medals.

On the same day, the Vietnamese table tennis team achieved victory, defeating Saudi Arabia 3-1 in the men's doubles and Mongolia 3-0 in the women's doubles during the second round of the group stage matches.

Translated by Song Anh