Chef Quang Le, Executive Sous Chef of New World Hoiana Beach Resort in Vietnam’s Hoi An city presents a range of authentic recipes showcasing the flavors from the ancient city, accented by ingredients and condiments from his hometown.

Vietnamese dishes are served at Café East, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, Hong Kong (China).

More than 20 Vietnamese specialties will be served during Café East’s dinner buffet. Menu items on rotational basis include goi cuon (fresh spring roll), banh xeo (Vietnamese egg pancake), braised fish in clay pot, bo luc lac (beef stir-fry with capsicum and oyster sauce), banh mi (iconic Vietnamese sandwich), canh chua (sweet and sour soup with clams), and more.

Vietnam’s classic Pho noodle soup and authentic noodle Hanoi Bun Cha (vermicelli noodles with grilled pork) will be served up every night.

For desserts, there are assorted sweet bean soup, banana sticky rice rolls, and mung bean cake with sesame in ginger syrup.

Gary Wong, Chef of New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, said that Vietnamese cuisine has a long history in Hong Kong, many Vietnamese cities are becoming attractive tourist destinations and Hong Kong people are very familiar with delicious Vietnamese dishes.

He called this a good opportunity to cooperate with hotels in Hoi An to bring authentic Vietnamese flavors to customers, he said.

During the festival, diners can also witness cooking techniques from Vietnamese chefs.

Source: VNA