This is the second time such a festival has been held at the provincial level. The event aims to confirm the cultural heritage values of the Tran Dynasty in Hung Ha district and also demonstrate the Vietnamese tradition of “When drinking water, remember its source” and express gratitude to the forefathers for their great contribution to the national construction and defense cause.

An overview of the event

According to the history records, the Tran Dynasty lasted and shone for 175 years in the Vietnamese history with 14 kings. This was the greatest dynasty in Vietnam's feudal history with three times defeating the powerful Yuan-Mongol invaders, creating the pride and power of Dong A (Tran).

An art performance at the event

The highlight of the five-day festival was the opening ceremony with an artistic program recapturing the transfer of power between the Ly and Tran dynasties and the development of the Tran Dynasty. One hundred and seventy five drummers in the event represented 175 years of the Tran Dynasty. Attentively, the third resistance war against the Yuan-Mongols was featured vividly using the 3D mapping technology.

The Tran Temple Festival 2024 is hoped to become an attractive cultural and spiritual tourist attraction of Thai Binh province in particular and of the country in general and help promote the cultural, patriotic, and revolutionary traditions among younger generations.

The event attracts the participation of many people.

Apart from rituals to open the gates of the shrines, incense offerings at the Tran Kings’ tombs, water procession, the festival also features 15 other interesting activities, including fish dish, clay firecracker, banh chung making, rice-cooking competitions, Vietnam’s Poetry Day, fine art exhibition, exchange among cheo (popular singing) clubs, and introduction of signature products of communes at one commune one product (OCOP) booths. Exchanges among men’s volleyball and Chinese chess clubs are also planned.

Translated by Mai Huong