PANO - On February 4, or the 14th day in the first month of the lunar year 2023, the Tran Temple seal-opening festival was held solemnly in Tran Temple in Nam Dinh province.

The organizing mobilized more than 2,000 public security force and militiamen in order to ensure security and safety for the event and visitors.

At 22:30, an incense offering ceremony was held to pay tribute to great contributions of Kings and mandarins of the Tran Dynasty.

Chairman of Nam Dinh City People’s Committee Pham Duy Hung on the occasion affimed the importance of the organization of the Tran Temple seal-opening festival.

At 23:15 on the same day, the seal-opening festival was officially held. At 0:30 on February 5, the temple was opened for visitors and locals.

Here are some photos during the festival.

Translated by Minh Anh