The event will be accessible at two websites and

Images related to the annual festival will be displayed

It will feature images and stories related to the annual festival, which is considered an exclusive traditional occasion for children.

Traditional trays of offerings and activities held during the Mid-Autumn Festival of Hanoi people in the 20th century will be re-enacted through paintings and memoirs penned by French researcher Henri Oger and well-known Vietnamese writers such as Nguyen Tuan, Phan Ke Binh and Vu Bang.

Folk toys restored by artisans in Hanoi's Old Quarter and traditional craft villages will be displayed.

The exhibition also comprises short videos touching on numerous topics, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival amid COVID-19, presentation of the tray of offerings of Hanoians, and the art of making traditional toys for the festival, with the participation of historian Le Van Lan and artisan Quach Thi Bac.

Source: VNA