According to the organizers, 157 press works from 24 press agencies nationwide competed for the award on Hanoi’s party and political system building while 261 works from 32 press agencies raced for the award on cultural development and civilized Hanoi’s people building.

Awarding A prize to winners

These press works were highly appreciated for their rich contents, reality reflection, and problem raising.

With objectiveness, sense of justice, and high responsibility, the jury councils selected 67 best press works for the two press awards. Attentively, this year, a special prize for the press award on cultural development and civilized Hanoi’s people building was presented for the first time.

The winner of this special prize was the work “Unforgettable days and months of Hanoi” by a group of reporters from the Hanoi Radio-Television.

Addressing the awards ceremony, Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi municipal Party Committee Nguyen Van Phong highlighted entries to the contest. He said that press works were made in a vivid, rich, and diverse manner and with enthusiasm, intelligence, affection and love for Hanoi. Through these works, press agencies and journalists have vividly and comprehensively covered activities of the capital cities in all fields.

Phong also emphasized the influence of the press works on creating consensus among people, raising a high sense of responsibility of each local person and high determination of the whole political system of the city to make achievements in implementing political duties, especially in COVID-19 prevention and control work.

He hoped that the two press awards will continue to receive good works to contribute to building a developed city to meet the wish of Uncle Ho and to deserve the trust of the whole country in the capital city.

Translated by Mai Huong