The book, entitled Hip Hop and the Master Singer, is the third work in the series about a little flea called Hip Hop.

In his first and second adventures, published in 2022 and 2023, Hip Hop heads to the fantasy land of Ellsaby and the Golden Forest, and in this third one, he will travel to the city of Falbalo, a valley away from his home - Green Valley Zoo.

The cover of Hip Hop and the Master Singer, German-Vietnamese writer Isabelle Muller's new children book (Photo courtesy of Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House)

In Falbalo City, all the songbirds have suddenly fallen silent. They have been ignored by humans for far too long. Now some bird species are in danger of disappearing forever as they have forgotten how to sing and how to defend themselves if necessary.

Master Singer Cosma could certainly fix this, but she would need help in order to be successful. Hip Hop and the Master Singer will reveal how Hip Hop and his friends are able to rescue the songbirds from their desperate situation before spring arrives.

Lovingly told by Müller, with detailed illustrations by Daniel Gaucher, this book about the flea’s next great adventure focuses on cohesion and the need for more mindfulness in life.

“In our actual world, everything is moving faster and faster," said Müller.

“This book shows how important it is to maintain and develop awareness of our surroundings. In the circle of life, everything is connected (humans, animals, nature) and we should cultivate this circle and honor it with respect.

"Hip Hop's next adventure awakens this awareness and emphasizes the importance of cohesion and creativity to solve problems.”

Hip Hop and the Master Singer is expected to be published in three languages – Vietnamese, English and German – by Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House.

It is suitable for children aged six to ten and all proceeds will be donated to the LOAN Foundation (LOAN Stiftung) which aims to help Vietnamese disadvantaged children in mountainous areas have a better life.

Source: VNA