The exhibition is divided into three parts: "The Opening Gunshot," "A Solemn Oath," and "Echoes of the Past." It tells a moving story of the resilient spirit and heroic sacrifices of the fallen soldiers who were captured and imprisoned by the enemy during the national resistance wars. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for today's generations to express their gratitude and respect to the country's heroes and martyrs.

Visitors to the exhibition

The exhibition's narrative, combined with supplementary sound effects, helps visitors feel as if they are traveling back in time to deeply understand the resilient struggle and the heroic sacrifices of the fallen soldiers for national independence and freedom.

Visitors to the exhibition can also experience various recreated spaces used to detain prisoners sentenced to death, providing an insight into the hardships endured by previous generations when they were captured and imprisoned in Hoa Lo Prison.

The exhibition will run till August 15.

Translated by Trung Thanh