The work aims to pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and remember his great contributions to the Vietnamese revolution while affirming that the role of Ho Chi Minh's thought on culture still has great value, guiding the work of building Vietnamese culture today.

The book on Ho Chi Minh’s ideology on culture

The book features several articles, speeches, and talks by President Ho Chi Minh to guide the building of the culture of an independent and self-reliant Vietnam that can stand shoulder to shoulder with other countries in the world.

It provides specific instructions on various fields of culture, such as arts and culture, journalism, publishing, ethics, lifestyle, new life practice, popularisation and training, how to speak and write as well as educating new cultures and improving cultural knowledge for people, among others.

The book is a valuable document, helping officials, Party members, and people to have a better understanding of the core values of Ho Chi Minh's ideology on culture and national culture building while contributing to arousing patriotism, pride of national traditions, and an aspiration to build a civilised, prosperous and heroic country.

On the occasion, the publishing house has also republished many precious publications on President Ho Chi Minh.

Source: VNA