The event is part of a cooperation program on theoretical research and reality review between the two parties.

Head of the Vietnamese delegation to the workshop, Nguyen Trong Nghia, Secretary of the CPV Central Committee and head of the CPV Central Committee’s Education and Information Commission, stressed that issues discussed at the 9th workshop are important to each country’s renewal and socio-economic development. 

Head of the CPV Central Committee’s Education and Information Commission Nguyen Trong Nghia

He shared the perceptions and viewpoints of the CPV on developing the socialist-oriented market economy, and lessons that Vietnam has learnt during the 35 years implementing Doi Moi (renewal).

Nghia also presented major orientations for the socialist-oriented market economy in Vietnam to 2030 with a vision to 2045.

Head of the Lao delegation Khamphan Pheuyavong, Secretary of the LPRP Central Committee and head of the Commission for Propaganda and Training of the LPRP Central Committee affirmed the Lao Party’s affirmed the important results that Laos has gained over the past time.

At the same time, he analysed the subjective and objective factors that impacted Laos’ macro-economy in the recent past and spoke about directions and measures that Laos will take to overcome the difficulties and continue to develop a green and sustainable economy. 

During the two-day workshop, delegates will continue to discuss theoretical issues and look into each country’s experience in maintaining macro-economic stability and ensuring social security, implementing monetary and financial policies, attracting investment and controlling inflation. 

First held in 2013, the theoretical workshop is an important mechanism for the CPV and the LPRP to exchange theoretical and realistic issues in each country’s reform and socialism building cause.

Source: VNA