The agreement will cover the fields of politics and external relations; military, security and border affairs; economy-trade-investment and tourism; education – training and human resources development; administrative reform; immigration and export-import facilitation at La Lay border gate between Quang Tri and Salavan; and non-refundable aid.

They will also offer support to businesses and investors, including tax incentives and favorable clearance procedures under the 2015 Vietnam – Laos border trade agreement, as well as boost border trade via Lao Bao and La Lay international border gates and auxiliary border gates.

At the event

The three provinces pledged to boost collaboration across agriculture and rural development, thus stepping up technology transfer and high-tech agriculture while enhancing military and border security coordination.

During the period, Quang Tri will continue assisting Savannakhet and Salavan in building and upgrading medical and educational establishments, and rural development in border areas.

Quang Tri will also fund the training of information technology and language at the provincial pedagogic and medical colleges, receive 25 officials and cadres from each province for political theory training each year, and 25 others for public security training.

During the 2017 – 2019 period, the three provinces also reaped positive cooperation results in the fields of politics, national defense-security, border affairs and education-training.

Source: VNA